Twitter Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day

Have they reached "Critical Mass" yet? Twitter Hits 50 Million Tweets Per Day

Twitter is now processing over 50 million Tweets each day, which comes to about 1.5 billion Tweets a month.  Marketing research firm, Royal Pingdom recently reported that Twitter passed one billion Tweets a month during December 2009 and measured about 1.2 billion in January… Preliminary data shows that growth trend in Tweet volume continuing through February, March and April… And all the way through to the current month. 

On a daily basis, Royal Pindom was measuring 27 million Tweets a day back in November, 2009. But the latest data comes from Twitter itself (after attempting to strip out spam Tweets).  The Twitter data includes tweets that originate from 3rd party applications such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Echofon as well as many of those rapidly gaining location based real-time apps such as Foursquare and Gowalla which pay Twittet for use of the Twitter platform as the backbone of their geolocation app funtionality. 

In January, comScore estimated that attracted almost 75 million unique visitors worldwide. But the number of messages going across Twitter is perhaps a more useful metric because it cuts across all third-party Twitter clients as well.  Iny own personal opinion, Twitter’s future success will be dependant on their ability to become the leading technology platform for developers creating various location based applications. 5 years from now, becoming the "Windows" of smartphone apps using Twitter as their location based operating system might not suck!

Regardless of whether the original web based Twitter app is used on a direct basis, or when using one of the many 3rd party apps that Twitter supplies the network and data handling infrastrucure for… At its most fundamental level, Twitter and the myriad apps that use Twitter are communication services. And, 50 million messages a day is certainly a major amount of communications going on in the Twitterverse! 

What Twitter doesn’t reveal is how many of either their direct or indirect users are responsible for sending those 50 million Tweets. We do not know how many Tweets a day are the mean, median and average statistics per Twitter user…  I’d love to see the distribution of Tweets across heavy, medium, and light users.

How many of those 50 million Tweets come from the top 10 percent of users? My own casual observation may not be scientifically valid, buy it seems to me that even though I follow more than 1,900 people on Twitter, I hear from the same 30 to 50 automotive social media marketing "professionals" (suppliers) every day… 

Although, despite my fairly sporadic participation, when I do start tweeting stuff I think is pure gold, the direct messages (DM) start coming in, asking me not to tweet so many updates within the same hour… WTF?!?! I guess my spontaneous attempts at contributing to the "Twitterverse" is perceived as "Twitter Spamming" (Twamming?)… 

My Twitterati followers say that my thoughts, updates, links, photos and stuff would be more tolerable if I spread them out over a longer span of time… Seems to me like spreading my precious 140 character haiku-like pearls of wisdom out over a longer period of time would not be very either very genuine nor "socially authentic".  

Alternately, my current practice of issuing "stream of consciousness" tweets as they sprout and bloom like crocuses coming up through the Springtime snow reveal their connections to each other within their timing and distribution patterns… Yup, its sort of a "Zen Tweeting" kinda thing! 

Artificially spreading them out would destroy their raked sand and placed pebbles assymetry… Or worse yet, turn them into something more like Chinese Water Torture versus a straight out blast from the Paglia Mind-Meld Fire Hose!

Data and concept edited from the original LoudCast, an iPhone app made with
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