Google Hires Over 300 for Google Maps Project

Google is in the process of hiring 300 workers for its Kirkland, Washington offices to fine tune and make corrections to its maps. The Google Maps project is expected to take about a year to complete… So, if you are in the Seattle, WA area, this Kirkland gig might be the perfect opportunity to get hired into Google and then prove you have the right stuff over the next year. .

Google has steadily taken market share from  its online mapping competitors… Traditional web mapping resources like Yahoo and Microsoft.  Google is rolling out a series of map overlays for activities like walking and biking. But it has also registered plenty of exasperation from users encouraged to, for instance, bike through the White House.

A Google spokesperson named Jordan told Seattle tech blog TechFlash that a lot of "the work will be focused on data management, said Newman. That includes keeping current on new business listings and the latest information on things like bike trails."

Google "is working with temporary staffing firms Randstad and Aerotek to find 300 ‘visual data specialists’ to improve the product."

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