Hollman Auto Group Considering Social Media Marketing

Hollman Auto Group Reportedly Considering Automotive Social Media Marketing for Hollman Ford and Hollman Lincoln Mercury – Facebook Promotions for Their New Jersey Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships!

The Hollman Auto Group may be considering either hiring a professional or an internally executed approach to Social Media Marketing (SMM) and its closely related cousin "Repuation Management" for their Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealership’s in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area, not far from Philadelphia. 
Hollman Auto Group would do well to remember emphasizing the “social” in their content creation and messaging strategy more so than the “marketing.” 
Why? Because Ford and Lincoln Mercury buyers in the Southern New Jersy and Philadelphia areas where Hollman Auto Group operates are the type of social media users that seek out and are more likely to respond to genuine communication, not marketing spin from the Hollman Auto Group’s Ad Agency. Nowhere is that more apparent than the most widely used Philadelphia and New Jersey sections of social networking sites like Facebook. 
To make the most out of their efforts to market with social media, the Hollman Auto Group would do well to get some advice from an Automotive Social Media Marketing firm, such as ADP Dealer Services new ADP Social Media Reputation Management team based at the SkySong Operations Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Alternately, the Hollman Auto Group could hire ADP Social Marketing Consultants to work with Hollman Auto Group employees assigned tobbe the group’s voice on the Social Web or, at the very least, read a few tips on how to use social media at the following recommended sites:  http://www.SocialDealer.BZ and http://www.ADPsocial.com

Facebook demographics have shifted. Once thought of as an online hangout for high school kids and university students, it is now increasingly the networking site of choice for older groups.

In January, 2009, O’Reilly released its 2009 Facebook Demographics and Statistics report. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is users aged 35 to 54. The growth in this demographic is off the charts – 276% in the last 6 months of 2008.

Users aged 55 and over are also discovering Facebook. This demographic jumped by 194% in the same time period. The younger crowd is still there though. The number of 25 to 34-year-olds using Facebook doubles about every six months.

Clearly, there are abundant marketing opportunities here for The Hollman Auto Group… But managers at the Hollman Auto Group need to know how to approach their Philadelphia area and Southern New Jersey audience right.  Effective Automotive Social Media Marketing is All About the Soft Sell

To get the Hollman Auto Group started in marketing on Facebook, their ADP Social Marketer (SoMar) will create a page for the Hollman Ford and the Hollman Lincoln Mercury dealership’s in New Jersey. Once Hollman Ford and Hollman Lincoln Mercury have established these Hollman Facebook pages, each dealership can build a list of fans.  Fans can follow Hollman Auto Group dealerships and receive updates whenever a Hollman Auto Group dealership adds something to your page. The key is to add information of value so people in the Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, NJ markets don’t feel they’re being given a hard sell.

ADP Social Marketers will use Facebook notes to tell people about upcoming Hollman Auto Group sponsored car shows or special "Hollman Auto Group Fans Only" events that they will be invited to.

Hollman Auto Group will be able to use the Facebook mini-feed to keep people connected to their Hollman Automotive Community Social Network.  Hollman Auto Group employees can talk about new and exciting model launches from Ford and Lincoln Mercury.  Hollman Auto Group can keep people interested in new and used cars at their dealerships, without sounding like they are guilty of selling in a social setting.

If the Hollman Auto Group can keep it interesting with photos and video clips, not only will they promote their Hollman Ford and Hollman Lincoln Mercury dealership’s, they will give their well established family owned dealership’s an updated and warm personality. The key is for the Hollman Auto Group to allow visitors to see the people behind the company name.

Hollman dealerships can create Facebook groups by make and model  if Hollman Auto Group really wants to personalize their contact with users. People join groups with specific interests, and moderating a group can help Hollman Auto Group managers reach a specific audience. Keep in mind that the group is an entity unto itself, and not a page about Hollman Auto Group, so it needs to be handled accordingly. Messages sent to the group are delivered directly to member’s Inboxes, so ensure that what you are sharing is of real value to people.

Keeping Up with Social Media Marketing
Herein lies the real challenge with social media marketing – upkeep. Hollman Auto Group must not let their Hollman Ford and Hollman Lincoln Mercury Facebook pages get stale. But between writing Hollman Auto Group blog posts, moderating a group, managing RSS feeds and just keeping up with the communication that ADP Social Media Marketing will generate, social media marketing could become very labor-intensive for the Hollman Auto Group!

If the Hollman Auto Group needs help planning or managing their social media marketing strategy, ADP offers training courses, online webinars and our social marketing consultants can help.  But, for many very successful dealers, the right choice is to let the pros at ADP Social Media Reputation Managenent deliver a turn key solution. 

And remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. If you don’t handle your social media marketing right from the beginning, you could end up doing more harm than good. Take the time to learn how to do it right, so you can reap the benefits for a long time to come. 

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