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From the Trenches – Eyes Wide Open

From the Trenches – Eyes Wide Open

Tom Gorham writes; “Do you feel more comfortable with studies and polls? Steve Jobs said, “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new…  You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”  So when staring at 800 million Facebook users, try having a little faith.  This is a new idea with hundreds of years of history.  Waddaya think?”

Use the link provided to read Tom Gorham’s entire article and then use the comment feature to share your opinions with over 5,000 automotive professionals…

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Why ZMOT is BS

Why should Google ZMOT be considered BS?

Larry Bruce asks: So what has ZMOT changed?


Actually nothing, the most it has done is made us aware that customers and visitors have more places than they want to get the information they want about buying a car and that we need to be transparent, something we have all known for some time. It has made us aware that the first point of contact and decision is on the web not on our lot, again something we have known now for many years.


At the MOST ZMOT may have made more dealerships see that the conversion is the point of your web marketing, without it you don’t have a chance to gain the rapport and relationship you need to sell the car.


That brings me to the ONE THING… there is a single action that can dramatically affect your ability to convert leads and sell customers today. That is NOT giving the vital information needed to make the decision to consider you dealership in the buying process.


Marketing is so fragmented today and every visit is so fragile that it only takes ONE THING to not look right to your visitor, ONE THING be clouded, one moment where you message isn’t clear or its too hard to get the information the visitor or customer wants or needs for the them to just move on or that lead to just not email you back or just not answer the phone when you call.




“It is all too easy today for consumers to just cut you out of the buying process for you not to be ultra-transparent and more importantly HELPFUL. The bottom-line the consumers web shopping experience when it comes to automotive is more of a process of elimination not one of inclusion”




So the ONE THING is more of a ZMOL (Zero Moment Of Loss) if you have marketed or sold in the car business long enough you have experienced it, you have even seen it physically that moment when you know you just lost the sale.



via Why ZMOT is BS – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community.

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By the way what is Automotive SEO again?

By the way what is Automotive SEO again?

Brian Pasch states: “Dealers can’t know in advance which digital assets a consumer will connect with so they should be providing multiple choice paths that include: videos, blogs, social media, content syndication, microsites, and of course a strong website. An SEO specialist also has to advise dealers about their online reputation because of the frequency that review websites appear for searches on their name.  Bad reviews impact consumers during the Zero Moment of Truth so dealers need to have a multi-platform approach to collecting customer reviews.” The article includes illustrations and charts that go a long way towards delivering Automotive SEO insights.

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Dealership eNewsletter Management Guide

The Dealership Newsletter – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community.

Tom Kain has published a great article about dealership eNewsletter management with a ton of useful substance! This is a high value set of instructions for those of us who manage dealership eNewsletters, and a lot of it is applicable to most of the broadcast emails that dealership managers send out to prospective and existing customers.  Well worth the time to read, print and review each month before sending that monthly eNewsletter.  Use the link provided to read the entire article…

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