The Probability of Accountability – Automotive CRM

The Probability of Accountability

Joe Webb “reveals” the hidden truth behind the BS that masquerades as a CRM installation in most USA based car dealerships… This article could have also been titled “The PROBLEM Of Accountability”.  I can attest to the fact that what Joe observed is something I have seen on far too many occasions in dealerships I was assigned to visit for CRM installation purposes back when I worked for The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, but is also a painful reality of what we see up to this day.  These sorts of false accountability systems were destructive 8 years ago, and remain destructive to this day.

The good news is that most BDC’s and slightly fewer Internet Sales Teams do not engage in such shenanigans because they do not have the luxury of putting their names on deals that they did not bring into the dealership (for the most part).

The bad news is that regardless of the systems you put in place, employees will usually figure out a way to game the system… For example, the nonsense I see of dealers blocking access to Facebook only results in the use of smartphones for this purpose and their employees bringing in their own laptops.  In other words, technology does not prevent or provide accountability as much as it gives owners and managers a false sense of security that policies are being followed.

Use the link provided in order to read the actual article written by Joe Webb…

via Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community.

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