AutoCon Changes Ways Automotive Conferences Operate

Changing The Way Conferences Are Organized

AutoCon 2012 is changing the way that automotive conferences are created, organized, and presented to dealers. We have listened to input from dealers, automotive professionals, and supplier partners to create a format that offers great value.

We are blessed to have the Aria Hotel for AutoCon 2012 because all workshops, exhibit halls, and lab rooms are all together on the 3rd floor of the casino. All meeting areas are clean, comfortable, and fully WiFi accessible for attendees needing to check in on work or their emails. Attendees share all meals together which facilitates discussion, sharing of best practices, and meeting new lifetime friends.

AutoCon 2012 starts off on Wednesday afternoon with Business Assessment Consultations where attendees can ask experts to hand select which courses they should attend to meet their most pressing needs. AutoCon 2012 micro-managers the experience for each attendee to make sure that they receive the maximum benefit from their time out of the office.

During the conference, attendees can select between educational workshops and sponsored workshops. Sponsored workshops are ideal for attendees who are shopping for new products or would like to see the latest product updates from their existing vendor partners. This format should eliminate the unexpected “pitch session” that is offensive to many attendees that were looking for an unbiased presentation.

The AutoCon Lab Sessions allows attendees to follow-up presentations with “hands-on” session in the lab room similar to the Apple “Genius Bar”. The lab format allows for specific questions to be addressed, one-on-one, when confidential matters may be discussed.

Ralph Paglia
Automotive Media Partners, LLC

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