CoronaVirus Manifesto

The aim of this manifesto from Ted McGrath is to instill confidence, power, and possibility throughout the world, EVEN in the face of the virus.

In times of challenge how do you naturally respond?

Do you shrink or do you stand tall ready for whatever the environment brings about?

First off, be safe, take precaution and protect your health. This is a given and the obvious.

Next, right now there is an opportunity despite the chaos happening around YOU.

This opportunity is based on how one views the world and sees the future.

The facts are the facts, but people actually perceive the facts differently and then make choices based on perspective of the facts.

My natural inclination during rough times is to handle the situation, and then rise above, coming out the other side stronger and more able.

To be more able one requires skill sets, relationships, and most of all their own powerful, piercing perspective.

Yes piercing, you’re the problems of the now for a look into the future.

These times will pass, and the question remains, what will you do with your time right now?

I am getting ready for the new economy, which I see as the skill economy.

Those who possess the skills like online marketing, will control their future and will create businesses that flourish from home, while injecting opportunity, money, and possibility into the economy. Those who don’t join the skill economy will be more a part of the problem than the solution.

Reach people from your home with a message, a product, a service that can serve people during difficult times and prepare them for the skill economy.

When the internet came alive, it destroyed old antiquated businesses.

And as the virus has come out I believe it’s time for the internet to help us rise above these challenging times.

Now, I am not saying that the internet is the solution to this virus.

I’m saying the internet, and online marketing skills allow us to survive, and for some even flourish during this time.

We can allow the media to reach people with mostly fear or we can BE the media and reach people with empowerment. Even though some of the reporting we see on media is substantiated by facts, some of it is to make people more afraid. We can change that.

So I say, YOU become the media.

YOU become the voice.

And YOU help others with your gift, your message, your products, and services NOW.

If you don’t have one, invent one. People need help so help them.

Either join the fear or join the solution that gets people out of fear.

And when this passes you will have helped the economy rebound, you will have saved jobs, changed lives, and perhaps be the stabilizing influence that influenced someone positively.

Marshall Faulk, legendary football player and I interviewed each other a while back and what I gathered from him, (again this is my perspective), is that he knew his WHY at 6 years old and it was SO real and true for him that he stayed the course and nothing allowed him to waiver from his dream of the NFL.

When you know your WHY you bring truth, stability, and leadership to those around you, and this makes the world better.

What’s YOUR WHY for helping others now, not later? For each one of us it is genuinely unique and authentic.


So let’s dream together and wake people from this nightmare. The facts are the facts, and I say ACT don’t REACT!

Keep yourself and your family safe, and while you’re doing that, don’t forget about mankind as well. He and she needs YOU.

Don’t be silent, take precaution, but BE BOLD.

I believe in YOU.

And perhaps, we can create our own reality and our own future.

You may be thinking that this statement is just something inspirational people throw around to sound like they are in Control. Well, I don’t know, cause I don’t walk around saying it all the time, I just go do it.

It starts with YOU. Be bigger than the times, and define them!

Courtesy of Mr. Ted McGrath

Ralph Paglia

IG @RalphPaglia

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