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Marketing Directors Choose AutoCon Over Other Fall Conferences

Marketing Directors Choose AutoCon Over Other Fall Conferences – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Why Marketing Directors Should Choose AutoCon 2012 Over Other Fall Conferences

We understand that Marketing Directors have many choices where to invest their time out of the dealership. We have made AutoCon the ideal choice for Marketing Directors for these reasons:

  • AutoCon is a new with fresh ideas and an innovative approach to the conferences structure.
  • Advanced Marketing and Advertising workshops are include in the educational offerings.
  • Breakfast, Plated Lunch, Breaks, and Evening Cocktail Receptions are included in the registration fee.
  • AutoCon provides over 60 workshops and hands on labs to maximize the learning experience.
  • Sponsored workshops are clearly labels to allow Marketing Directors to shop for new products or not.
  • Exhibit hall allows Marketing Directors to shop for new products and connect with new technology.
  • Conference format allows for peer networking and group discussions to improve your sales strategy.
  • WiFi is provided in all conference areas and hotel rooms so you can stay connected to work.
  • Marketing Directors receive vendor coupons worth over $5,000 in product discounts.
  • Attendees receive conference workbook, Dry-Fit Conference T-Shirt, and assorted logo brands gifts.

Suggested Conference Workshops

Only you can know what workshops best interest you today, but here are a few workshop examples that would be ideal for Marketing Directors:

  • Leveraging Google+ Local For Marketing and Online CSI Scores
  • Diversity Marketing: Latinos, LGBT, and Women
  • Dominate Your Local Market With Video Pre-Roll Marketing
  • Why Pinterest & LinkedIn Should Be Part of Your Social Strategy
  • I Know The Top 10 Profit Leaks At Your Dealership
  • Data Mining & Segmentation Strategies To Identify Buyers
  • The Power Of Landing Pages – 10+3 Tips To Drive Conversion
  • What Influences Customer Loyalty & How Do We Measure It?
  • Set Your Fixed Ops Video Strategy on Fire
  • Sell More Cars Using The Service Drive

Lock In Your Attendance – Limited Time Offer

We encourage Marketing Directors to confirm their participation for AutoCon today. Take advantage of the Early Bird pricing for you and your team, which adds further savings to your September conference budget.

General Manager Registration For AutoCon

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AutoCon 2012 Upgraded Fall Conference Facilities To Meet Demand – Aria Wins Bid – Automotive Marketing

AutoCon 2012 Upgraded Fall Conference Facilities To Meet Demand – Aria Wins Bid

The rooms at Aria where AutoCon 2012 attendees will be staying are AT LEAST twice as nice as those at the much older Mirage property… And thanks to Carrie’s negotiation skills, AutoCon attendees will be staying at the Aria for less than half the cost this property normally receives! A nicer hotel at a room rate less than most other conferences is yet another reason to attend AutoCon 2012 and gain the most significant strategic insights and competitive advantages in the auto industry.

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AutoConnections 2012 – Automotive Professionals

AutoConnections 2012 

The AutoConnections 2012 Conference and Expo series (AutoCon 2012) will bring together the best in automotive retail thought leadership along with the best speakers and solution providers in the industry.

AutoConnections 2012 will connect dealers with the strategies, tools, people and inspiration for the greatest competitive advantage in the automotive retail marketplace.

Dates: September 11 (PM), 12, 13 and 14 (AM), 2012

Location: The Mirage Hotel and Conference Center

Enroll Online: http://AutoCon2012



Please select and complete the registration form below to secure your admission to AutoCon2012. Since Dealer Principals receive complimentary admission, please register the Dealer Principal separately, if additional members of the dealership/group are attending.

Registration for AutoCon 2012 is $995 per person for dealership employees and $1,495 per person for Allied Industry.

Early bird registration for dealership employees is $795 per person if purchased by June 30, 2012.  There is no early bird discount for Allied Industry.

All Inclusive Registration

Your registration includes:

  • Access to all conference workshops, general sessions, and exhibit hall.
  • Breakfast and Lunch each day these meals are offered
  • Access to evening cocktail receptions
  • Conference book, shirt, and conference supplies
  • Internet Access in all rooms, exhibit hall, and workshops.
  • Access to Conference Presentations in Digital Format
  • Membership to the AutoCon2012 event website
  • Discounts to products and services valued over $3,000

Registration Links

AutoConnections is brought to you by Automotive Digital Marketing,DealerELITE and First Class Educators

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From the Trenches – Ralph Paglia’s “Fundamental” Presentation at DD12 – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

From the Trenches – Ralph Paglia’s “Fundamental” Presentation at DD12 

Tom Gorham writes: “For those of us that have been on the Internet side of this business for what seems like a lifetime, Ralph’s presentation was validation and a wonderful reminder of how we got here and the vastness of the current digital landscape that is still growing at exponential rates.  But the class was listed as “Fundamental” for a reason.  For dealers and sales managers who always thought the Internet was simple, “Just getting leads, sending emails, and selling cars,” it was a brilliant demonstration of the length and breadth and depth of knowledge behind the current position of Internet Management and Digital Marketing.  I’m a hands-on Internet Sales & Marketing Manager who likes to do a lot of the nitty-gritty detail work myself.  And if I out-source something, I like to constantly collaborate with the company I hire.  I truly appreciate a vendor who understands and respects my need to be involved and not just hand over responsibility for the job at hand.”  Use the link provided to read the entire article…

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The CarChat24 beta test is almost ready to go and we would like to invite you to participate!

The CarChat24 beta test is almost ready to go and we would like to invite you to participate!

What Are the Benefits of Joining the CarChat24 Beta Program? 1. Ability to experience our new powerful chat service for 30 days free. 2. Opportunity to help shape our future products and services with a greater level feedback. 3. Interaction with the beta team and other beta testers.
4. Dealers will have the choice after the beta test ends to upgrade to a paid premium version, or use the always free version. There is no obligation to purchase anything.
5. As a special thank you to all active beta participants, we will provide the following:
– Active beta participants will receive an addition 30 days use of our Premium Pro version (Total 60 days)
– Active Beta participants may also receive free 24/7 staffed back up support during a portion of the beta test period… Use the link provided to see the full explanation of this dealer opportunity and a link to the enrollment page.

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Autobytel, Dealix, Edmunds, KBB – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Dear Autobytel, Dealix, Edmunds, KBB

Jerry Thibeau – Early Monday morning I start receiving e-mails from third party lead providers thanking me for submitting my information.  The e-mails were on the same vehicles I shopped on TrueCar.  Coincidence, I think not!  Now here is where it gets interesting, my data had been corrected to reflect my current e-mail, and my current phone number.  I also started receiving phone calls from dealers.  I am guessing my information could have been taken was from the DMS of the dealership where I last purchased my Infiniti. My questions to you, where did my lead originate from and how did you get my information?

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The Probability of Accountability – Automotive CRM

The Probability of Accountability

Joe Webb “reveals” the hidden truth behind the BS that masquerades as a CRM installation in most USA based car dealerships… This article could have also been titled “The PROBLEM Of Accountability”.  I can attest to the fact that what Joe observed is something I have seen on far too many occasions in dealerships I was assigned to visit for CRM installation purposes back when I worked for The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, but is also a painful reality of what we see up to this day.  These sorts of false accountability systems were destructive 8 years ago, and remain destructive to this day.

The good news is that most BDC’s and slightly fewer Internet Sales Teams do not engage in such shenanigans because they do not have the luxury of putting their names on deals that they did not bring into the dealership (for the most part).

The bad news is that regardless of the systems you put in place, employees will usually figure out a way to game the system… For example, the nonsense I see of dealers blocking access to Facebook only results in the use of smartphones for this purpose and their employees bringing in their own laptops.  In other words, technology does not prevent or provide accountability as much as it gives owners and managers a false sense of security that policies are being followed.

Use the link provided in order to read the actual article written by Joe Webb…

via Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community.

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